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Following are Key steps / Key processes for obtaining ISO 14001  certification.

1) Taking training about ISO 14001  requirements or appointing consultants for ISO 14001  certification.

2) Gape analysis of existing system of waste disposal, environmental related legal compliance and existing method of avoiding / reducing waste generation, reducing resource consumption etc.

3) Performing environmental aspects impact analysis.

4) Identifying environmental management programmes based on identified environmental objectives

5) Internal auditor training about ISO 14001 requirements

6) Fulfilling gapes identified during ISO 14001 gape analysis

7) Application to ISO 14001 certification agency

8) Stage 1 audit of ISO 14001 certification

9) Closure of ISO 14001 stage 1 audit findings

10) Stage 2 audit of ISO 14001 certification

11) Closure of ISO 14001 stage 2 audit findings

12) Achieving ISO 14001 certification if no major findings are identified during the stage 2 audit.

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Some of the key requirements of ISO 14001 certification are;

1) Preparation of ISO 14001 Environmental manual, ISO 14001 Environmental procedures, Environmental policy, ISO 14001 environmental objectives

2) Compliance with ISO 14001  legal requirements pertaining with Environment. It includes requirement compliance of State pollution control boards and National pollution control boards.

3) Identification of ISO 14001  Environmental aspects and segregation of them from Significant and non significant category.

4) Implementation necessary ISO 14001  environmental operational controls to prevent pollution and improve environmental management system performance.

5) Identification of ISO 14001 Environmental objectives targets and programs for continual improvement in environmental management system.

6) preparation and implementation of ISO 14001  Emergency preparedness procedures. Mock drills for continual improvement in ISO 14001 environmental management system.

7) ISO 14001  environmental management system Management review, internal audits, control of documents, control of records,

8) Employee competence review and trainings which are affecting performance of ISO 14001 environmental management system .

There are other requirements also which are not specified above.

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Advantages / Benefits of ISO 14001  certification

1) Reduces waste generation
2) Reduces power consumption
3) Reduces water consumption
4) Improves yield of operations
5) Saves cost
6) Improves reputation of organization amongst customers and society
7) Helps to achieve legal compliance.

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